4WiFi Business Solutions

Reach customers efficiently & effectively with our fully customisable system & easy to use interface.

Improve Communication

When guests log on to your WiFi, you decide what is shown on their individual screen to ensure what they see is relevant to them.

Build Your Customer Base

In exchange for free WiFi, customers offer you the method of communication they feel most comfortable with.

Social Media Logins

Increase the amount of customer information you collect when guests use their Facebook or Twitter to access your WiFi.

Connect With Customers

Connect when you want, as often as you want, using email, SMS or Facebook.

eBet Integration

We link authentication of customers directly to your eBet database.

Control Your Network

Boost your signal and monitor it when you want.

Marketing Advice

Our internet-savvy, marketing professional can be booked to help you by ensuring your business communications are effective and appropriate so that customers are happy with you. He can also be booked for other business strategy analysis and development.


High speed managed WiFi when you need it most.

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